Bugatti Galibier intends to enter production line soon…

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t unveiled the Bugatti sedan for test 16C Galibier 7 years ago, and then disappeared news and returned in the form of rumors claiming Bugatti’s intention to launch. But today those reports back the sources of internal company spokeswoman site AutoCar. new-bugatti-galibier

As head of Bugatti Wolfgang Dürheimer confirmed that the company is seriously considering to enter the Galibier production with the addition of a number of options for consideration line with the Council of the Volkswagen Group, which developed along with the new car SUV, as well as with a fully electric car.

And therefore that has already been produced, the Galibier will be built on wheels MSB base and used in the new generation of the Porsche Panamera, as well as access to quad-turbo W16 engine in the front, making it the fastest sedan in the world. The car arrived at the car production lines will not exceed the number 3000 over 8 years. It will not be in the presence of the current Chiron, that is, they will not come until after the Chiron production stopped in 2020.
This will be waiting four years just to launch…

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Bugatti Galibier intends to enter production line soon…

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