Bayern Munich stumbles with the fiercest clubs of Europe…

Received Atletico Madrid Bayern with confidence, while everyone has been waiting for this latest win, however, it settled the game for the children of Simeone.

He said coach Diego Simeone: “Considering we played against one of the best three clubs in the world, I must say it is one of the best games for Atletico since I became coach of the team.”

It is worth mentioning that the second team of the Spanish capital started the season by winning eight consecutive matches in La Liga to draw with Barcelona 1-1.

and hi-res-3d4f4f9079ecbd14bbfea4692145d5f9_crop_northThe top of their group in the Champions League with 6 points from two encounters to become only need two victories to qualify for the knockout.

He said the Belgian wing Carrasco “The team is evolving so much each year group and as a team at the stadium.”

And captain Gabi Fernandez explained on the same target, saying “the team in form and will not give up on anything as long as firmly standing on its feet,” stressing that Balttawaij dreaming of the Champions League, only missing the tournament, which is a major obsession for Atletico and the fans.



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Bayern Munich stumbles with the fiercest clubs of Europe…

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